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10 Proven Ways to Secure Startup Funding

Startup team presenting and analyzing sales growth.

How great of a feeling is it, right? You get that next-level idea that has the potential to change everything and the more you get into it, the more excited you get. Next thing you know, you’re planning how to build a company around that idea – the people, the tools, the branding, the MVP […]

Top 6 Challenges When Hiring Developers Today

Vector image of job applicants for software developers and two team members reviewing CVs.

As custom software and app development has become a global business norm, developers have become essential for ensuring business growth. Unfortunately, that also means that finding and hiring skilled developers has become more vexing than ever. No matter your company size, the task doesn’t get any easier. But knowing and understanding the obstacles brings you […]

How to Hire App Developers for Your Startup – Step-by-Step Guide

Empty chair with two people next to it looking to hire app developers, with a hiring schematic in the background.

The foundation of every good startup is built on three core pillars: a great idea, a strong budget, and skilled developers. Each of these three elements is a challenge in itself. In this article, we focus on the third one and offer a step-by-step strategy to help you hire app developers for your startup. Keep reading […]