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Are you interested in generating more traffic and increasing your conversion rate? Unlock the full potential of your website with Capaciteam’s expert SEO consultants and grow your visibility and authority on search engines!

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Why Your Business Needs SEO

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website to rank on the first page of search results for the services/products it offers.

More than 90% of online users don’t go beyond the first page of search results, making it a desirable real estate for any business. When people search for terms describing your services or products, your website must appear on that first page. Otherwise, you’re losing out on long-term wealth and progress. 

To get your business on that first page, however, there are numerous factors that you need to consider and fulfil. First, you need to optimise your website with a variety of elements such as:

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Responsive UX/UI Design

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Fast Page Loading Speed

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Engaging & Authoritative Content

Strong Brand Presence

If you want to ensure that your website upholds the quality standards of Google and other search engines, you will need professional insight. Capaciteam offers SEO consultants with years of experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

From technical improvements and content creation on your website to strategising and building up your online presence, our SEO consulting services can ensure your business gets more site visitors, better engagement, and higher conversion rates.

Our SEO Consultancy Services

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Before you plant your flag on that first page of search results, you need to understand the current state of your website and how to turn its potential into revenue. With Capaciteam’s SEO consultation services, you get the full digital journey.

There is no such thing as a universal strategy in SEO. Each niche is different just like each website is different. You need a custom SEO plan to stand out from your competitors and get the most leads to your website. Our services include:


Our professional SEO consultants start with thorough keyword research and analysis to boost your organic search rankings faster with profitable, buyer-intent keywords.

On-Page SEO

On-page strategies augment your SEO. We'll run a full on-page audit and implement top practices to ensure your site has the best chance of ranking on the first search engine results pages.


Our SEO consultant services include detailed content evaluation, development and optimisation. We'll leverage existing content assets to maximise organic traffic and revenue potential.


An SEO marketing consultant will review your current backlink profile and recommend key adjustments and link building strategies to improve your domain rating and rankings.

SEO Upgrades

Our technical SEO consultant will review and provide solutions to enhance your website's performance, improve user experience, and increase the crawl rate.

Local SEO

Our local SEO consultant will optimise your GBP/GMB, targeting local keywords and traffic that is easier to rank for yet extremely profitable for small businesses and franchise brands.


Our SEO team uses top-rated tools to monitor and document your organic performance daily. You will get regular reports to keep you updated on how your website is growing.


Understanding your competitors and their actions is essential in overcoming them and staying ahead. Use our competitive SEO analysis to dominate the first page of search results.

What Our Clients Say

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Black and white image of Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Senior ICT Consultant to Public Sector at Nostra

I have been utilising the professional services of Capaciteam since early 2014 to source highly skilled ICT resources for one of our largest Public Sector clients. To this end, I am very happy to recommend Capaciteam to any other organization seeking similar services.

Black and white image of Christopher Till
Christopher Till Senior IT Manager at Personio

From start to finish, Capaciteam demonstrated a level of professionalism and efficiency that exceeded my expectations. It was refreshing to work with a company that understands the importance of delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality or professionalism of their staff. I am happy to recommend Capaciteam to any organization in need of IT staffing services.

Black and white image of Matt Speight
Matt Speight CTO at Alyve Wellness

What truly sets Capaciteam apart is their commitment to quality and their focus on meeting the needs of their clients. They provided us with highly skilled and dedicated developers who seamlessly integrated into our existing team. Working with Capaciteam for our web development needs has been an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them as we grow.

Why Choose Capaciteam?

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The success of your project will always be the main focus of our SEO consultancy team. We dedicate our expertise and resources to one project at a time to guarantee the best possible results for your business.


Trust is a commodity that has to be earned and safeguarded. At Capaciteam, we are always straightforward with our clients to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. We schedule regular briefs and progress updates to put your mind at ease.


Each project is a priority for us. Your success gives life to our work and we value every second of it. Our SEO consultants treat all clients with the same respect and commitment, regardless of size, niche, or location.


As a globally oriented company, we strive to uphold the highest industry standards in SEM. Our SEO consultant team will never undertake impossible tasks or present you with promises we cannot deliver on.


With our external SEO consulting experience and in-house SEO service knowledge, we understand how to simplify complex tasks and drive results for your business. Our team speaks the same language as your developers and C-level managers.

Take Your Online Presence a Step Further

Ensure that your website outperforms and ranks above your competitors in search engine results. Get more organic traffic and leads with the support of Capaciteam's SEO consultants!

How SEO Consulting Works

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SEO consulting is a professional service that offers businesses and website owners a chance to boost their online visibility, search engine rankings, and overall presence on the web.

The objective is that your website pops up anytime someone searches for terms related to your products or services. The best way to get from your current position to that one is through the following steps:

Step #1: Request a Free Website Audit

Step #2: Define Your SEO Objectives

Step #3: Get an Estimate from Our SEO Consultant

Step #4: Receive Monthly Progress Reports

Get a Complimentary Audit from Our SEO Team!

    When to Hire an SEO Specialist?

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    The moment you decide that you want your website to be visible on search engines. There is no “perfect moment” to start investing in SEO. No matter what development stage your business is currently at, our professional SEO consultants can help you reach the next level:

    SEO Starter Plan

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    The concept of SEO is brand new to your business. You have a website with limited and non-optimised content for showcasing your services or products. Your website has no backlinks and you are still trying to understand which market you fit in. Your objective is to make organic search your primary source of leads and income.

    Our SEO consultant will create a rudimentary SEO strategy based on your niche, what competitors are doing and the keywords they rank for. We will provide you with a list of suggestions on how to redesign your website to adhere to best SEO practices and improve user experience. Consider us as your starter SEO toolkit for earning a position on search engines.

    SEO Growth Plan

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    You have a basic grasp of the role of SEO in digital marketing, the keywords your target audience searches for, and what your competitors are doing. Your website is fairly optimised but barely ranks for non-branded keywords and has only a few backlinks. Your objective is to increase your online presence with a strong content marketing strategy and quality backlinks.

    Our SEO consulting experts will provide you with a comprehensive SEO content strategy tailored to your business and the objectives you mean to achieve. Our team will research and identify quality link-building opportunities your business can benefit from. We will provide you with a list of blog topics to write and publish on your website, complete with a crash course on making each blog post SEO-friendly.

    SEO Master Plan

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    You have a firm understanding of SEO and have been implementing it for 3-4 years. Your website has decent rankings that bring in limited traffic. Your in-house team manages your website, content, and backlink profile. Your objective is to boost your rankings on the first page and rank for the majority of keywords in your industry, to bring in more organic traffic and revenue.

    Our SEO manager will sweep your website from top to bottom and carefully analyse any gaps that it might have in terms of performance, UX, and content. We will explore your backlink profile and your analytics to discover improvement opportunities. Our team will provide a detailed report on how to scale your content, earn more links, and build SEO campaigns that boost your keywords rankings.


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    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has a fundamental role in helping businesses become visible on search engines. When potential customers search for a specific service or product, a strong SEO strategy ensures that your business will appear in their search results. This increases the likelihood of those online users coming to your website and converting into customers.

    A professional SEO consultant possesses the knowledge and experience to help your business rank higher on search results. By using their expertise, SEO consultants can craft personalised search engine marketing strategies that align with your business objectives. Additionally, hiring a consultant saves you the time and effort of hiring a full-time SEO expert.

    By performing a detailed audit of your website and competitive research, an SEO manager identifies all areas for improvement on and off your website. They then use technical, on-page, and off-page SEO tactics to enhance the authority of your website and its online presence.

    The timeframe for seeing results from SEO depends on the objectives you want to accomplish. It can vary from several months to a couple of years. Factors such as current website performance, content quality, niche, competitors, and geolocation can all impact the speed of progress. With SEO consultancy, patience and consistency are the driving forces that get things done.

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