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Partnership benefits for startups

Capaciteam and SOSV have formed a partnership to advance the shared goals of fostering innovation and supporting startups across various aspects of contemporary software development. This collaboration seeks to afford startups in need of software development services not only crucial support and guidance but also access to diverse talent pools and networks.

As a valued member of the SOSV network you can claim the following benets:

Complimentary 1-hour Consultation

with one of our Technical Architects. We have specialists in areas such as Cloud/Infrastructure, Security, AI/ML, Data and software development ready to discuss your specific needs and challenges.

Special Discount of up to 15%

off our standard rate card on all our development services. Once we've had a thorough discussion about your requirements, our delivery team will be able to provide a cost estimate for the services alongside a special discount.

MVP Development for Startups

Our MVP Development services help startups prioritise their resources, focus on the most critical features, and build a loyal user base that can help them grow and scale.


Claim your benefit

To claim your benefit, please complete the form below with your contact details and provide a description of your technical challenge. This will assist us in assessing your initial requirements. Please indicate “complimentary 1-hour consultation” in the Subject.
Once we have received this information, our managers will reach out to you for further discussion regarding your software development needs.

    *A discount is provided to SOSV-backed startups and shall be defined on a case-by-case basis.