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Staff Augmentation Service for a Traffic Management Software Provider


Capaciteam was approached by a Swiss company that designs, develops and distributes SaaS solutions for analysing traffic and resolving various transportation, and mobility issues. The software includes a web-based visualisation platform that allows businesses to easily and efficiently analyse their traffic data and make informed decisions for tracking and managing traffic performance in real time.

The company’s target audience includes the automotive, GIS, and navigation industries, as well as government agencies and local authorities. Engineers provided by Capaciteam assisted the client with developing an IoT-powered traffic tool that collects and analyses data from connected objects, helping to accurately predict traffic patterns. The tool was integrated with existing systems, allowing for seamless collaboration between users, vehicles, and infrastructure.


Logistics & Transportation


In order to properly respond to the constantly changing technology and business environment, the client was looking to build a comprehensive platform that helps to reduce traffic congestion, improve safety, and increase traffic efficiency. Given the lack of resources in the market, the biggest challenge was to assemble a team of professional Android/iOS developers in order to launch the project within the shortest possible time frame. 

Additionally, one of the requirements set forward by the client was relevant industry expertise and familiarity with similar systems as well as hands-on experience with integrating devices through BLE protocols. Given Capaciteam’s professional experience with logistics software development, our team was the perfect choice for the project.


Due to the client’s specific requirements, we engaged with our staffing teams across multiple development hubs in Europe to quickly find available resources with relevant experience. With our pool of over 9000+ IT professionals, the first candidates were provided for review in 3 business days.

By using our proprietary assessment matrix, Capaciteam ensured that the quality of the resources was of the highest standard and that they were able to meet the client’s specific requirements in terms of skill set, experience and cultural fit. Our delivery team worked closely with the client to ensure that the resources were able to hit the ground running and quickly become productive members of the team.

As a result of cooperation, we addressed the entire range of challenges the client needed to respond to, including:

  • processing and handling of traffic-related data,
  • developing a forecast model,
  • optimising the traffic routes,
  • building performance metrics, etc.

Our specialists migrated the SoapUI test cases to the proprietary traffic automation test framework and set up the CI/CD environment. We also extended the system functionality to include additional features and capabilities. Finally, our team was able to deliver the solution to the client on time and with minimal disruption to their daily operations.







Meet the specialists involved in this project.


  1. Effective coordination between various development hubs in the EU allowed us to build a functional team within a short timeframe;
  2. The core of the team consisted of lead developers with unique domain expertise and the knowledge of specific technologies;
  3. Clear goal setting and transparent communication eliminated the number of potential blockers on the project;
  4. The team conducted regular check-ins to review progress and address any issues;
  5. All team members felt included in the decision-making process.

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