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SkyTel continuously adapts and innovates to ensure success in a highly competitive market. They are using the latest advancements in the telecom industry to provide better services to their customers. The company uses their own proprietary technology to provide high-speed, reliable internet connections, as well as voice, video and data services.

Their team is also constantly working to improve customer experience with their top-notch network technologies, such as Voice over IP (VoIP). Having used multiple Microsoft solutions and tools successfully, they wanted to move their data centre to Azure cloud in order to take advantage of cost benefits and Microsoft’s capabilities, and they reached out to Capaciteam for help.

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The company collects and processes a wide range of data, including customer information (such as contact details, payment information, location data, and network usage data), network performance data (such as network traffic, transmission speeds, latency, and availability), and market data (such as customer satisfaction surveys, competitor analysis, and industry trends).

All of these data are critical to their business. As it was the company’s first time moving to another cloud provider, it was crucial for us to share expertise and provide guidance for a seamless Azure migration, taking into consideration key principles under the GDPR.


The client’s partnership with Capaciteam resulted in a number of project benefits including:
  • Immediate ROI: the migration to Azure allowed us to reduce the cost of SkyTel’s infrastructure by leveraging Azure’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, which lowered the overall costs of running the workload. Our team also saw a direct impact on the return on investment (ROI) as the client was able to reduce the costs associated with high availability and scaling up their data infrastructure. Additionally, the process of migrating the data centre to Azure was relatively straightforward, which led to an increase in productivity.
  • Improved security: Microsoft Azure cloud provided a number of tools for SkyTel to store their data securely including such services as encryption, access control and identity management. We also leveraged advanced analytics and machine learning to help the customer better understand their data and make informed decisions.
  • Boosted performance: with the range of tools provided by Azure including automatic backups, disaster recovery, high availability, and scalability, and implemented by Capaciteam, the client can now access their data quickly and more reliably, and scale their business as needed, while protecting their data and ensuring its availability.







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1) Our dedicated migration team invested sufficient time to investigate various strategies and build out the use case showing the benefits of cloud migration to SkyTel’s business. We carefully mapped all risks and dependencies, and worked with Azure consultants to identify and implement the right solutions;

2) We advised the client’s stakeholders such as the CFO, and explained in detail the expected benefits of the projects to gain their buy-in;

3) Proper planning made the migration process simple. Before actual migration, we performed several test migrations, identifying the right steps for a successful launch;

4) We effectively implemented quality assurance services on the project. Tests revealed poorly performing code paths that could only be discovered under heavy loads, and we fixed the issues in a timely manner;

5) We kept everything on track and in focus, making sure all stakeholders were updated on the progress. In addition, since our engineering teams were dedicated to the migration effort, they could complete it more quickly and efficiently, avoiding any disruption to the process.

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