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PayFast solutions integrate seamlessly into an existing ERP system for rapid input and validation of billing data, accurate dataflows for transactions, advanced reporting and analytics, thus ensuring a fully automated payment process.

Their software is designed to streamline the billing and payment process for both businesses and their customers. It allows customers to quickly and easily pay their bills online, while businesses get an automated and secure payment process.

The software also provides a comprehensive dashboard to view billing information, giving businesses a clear picture of their accounts receivable performance. Additionally, the advanced analytics and reporting tools allow businesses to:

  • track trends,
  • identify opportunities for improvement,
  • review customer payment activity.
Screenshot showcasing the dahboard built for the PayFastA navigation app by Capaciteam.


FinTech, SaaS, Enterprise, IT Services and IT Consulting


One of the biggest challenges for any technology business expanding to new regions and countries is to ensure that their IT teams and software can continuously scale-up, always being ready to capture new opportunities in any part of the world. In addition, companies must also ensure that their IT specialists are well-versed in the latest technologies and best practices for software development. They must also ensure that the code is well-documented, tested, and secure.

The client was in need of React developers and PHP engineers in order to upgrade and develop some critical components of their platform, as well as to fulfil a number of integrations with third-party services. The timeframe was pretty aggressive as their newly acquired business in the USA was dependent on their ability to deliver upon these requirements.

Screenshot showcasing the dahboard built for the PayFastA navigation app by Capaciteam.


Just before Capaciteam started working on the job descriptions provided by the client, our delivery and technical teams did a thorough review of the codebase, database structure, existing APIs, libraries, and documentation. We did all this to better understand the peculiarities of the system and the project environment, as well as any potential issues or areas of improvement that could be addressed in the job.

Our developers discovered a great deal of legacy code, but the client was not in a position to refactor it at that time. We had to consider the peculiarity of that circumstance in order to select developers who had experience in working with legacy code and were able to quickly identify and address any issues that arose.

To meet the timing requirements, we provided the client with a transparent roadmap containing clear milestones for the provision of resources. Together with the client, we set deadlines for CV submission as well as interview and start dates. The roadmap also included a timeline for the client to provide feedback and approval of the candidates.

We identified potential candidates in our extensive pool of resources and our staffing team then conducted initial screenings to assess the candidates’ qualifications and experience. After that, we presented the client with a shortlist of the most suitable profiles.

Once the team was put together, we provided support throughout the onboarding and development process. Throughout the process, we kept the client updated on the progress and provided regular feedback and guidance on any issues that arose. We also provided technical support and advice on best practices for developing the application. Additionally, we provided guidance on how to best utilize the various tools and technologies available to the team.







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1) A thorough code review was done in order to understand the complexity of the system, potential pitfalls and challenges for the development team;
2) Only specialists with the right experience, skill set and attitude were selected for the project;
3) A clear roadmap and milestones ensured timely delivery of the resources;
4) Our extensive pool of software developers and experience across various industries allowed us to provide the right talents quickly and efficiently;
5) The client was kept informed of the progress, changes and any issues that arose during the project, which helped to build trust and ensure that the client is satisfied with the end result.

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