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GreenTech Medical specializes in developing embedded software and firmware solutions for medical devices. They focus on developing connected medical devices, digital therapeutics, and software solutions that enable healthcare providers and life sciences companies to better manage chronic conditions. Their solutions are designed to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and increase patient engagement. They also provide consulting services to help organizations develop and implement digital health strategies.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences


The company operates in a rapidly changing sector in terms of the needs it addresses. Its solutions are strictly governed by the Medical Device Regulation and other essential standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, IEC 62304 etc. It is important for the business to make sure that its development teams understand the device’s purpose, its intended use, and the environment in which it will be used.

Additionally, it is important to understand the regulatory requirements for the device, as well as any safety and security considerations. The business also needs to respond rapidly to the open challenges including rapidly scaling the development teams, acquiring the right talents with relevant experience in healthcare software development and testing, ensuring secure infrastructure etc.

The client launched a new project in the UK and was in an urgent need to augment their existing IT team. Their local recruitment efforts were unsuccessful due to the lack and the high cost of resources with relevant experience in the local market, so the decision was taken to explore nearshore outsourcing & IT staff augmentation opportunities. This is where the expertise of Capaciteam came into play.

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It was critical for the client to find the right talent within a tight timeframe and budget, so we started cooperation by eliciting the client’s exact business and technical requirements, which were then communicated to our staffing and delivery teams. Only the candidates who were a perfect fit were provided to the client. We used our internal assessment matrix to ensure that the experience of the candidates, and their communication and technical skills were excellent.

With such an approach, it took us 7 business days to build the core of the team, which consisted of:

  • Scrum master,
  • Two React developers,
  • Two Node.js developers,
  • UI/UX designer,
  • QA engineer,
  • iOS developer.

As the project evolved, more resources were required by the client. We ensured effective communication and regular feedback, as well as professional project coordination on our end in order to match the entire range of challenging criteria, and to deliver the services at the expected level of quality.

As a result of cooperation and the effective IT staff augmentation services provided by Capaciteam, GreenTech Medical was able to successfully launch the MVP and acquire more business.







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1) Our Delivery managers elicited the business and technical requirements of the client just before commencing the search for the candidates;
2) All candidates were well informed about the client’s business needs, the scope of the project and its goals;
3) Our staffing team ensured that the candidates were a good technical and cultural fit for the client, which provided for a smooth integration into the client’s existing IT team, and secured a high retention rate of the specialists;
4) Presence of our business development team in Ireland allowed us to stay close to the client at every stage of the project and to ensure effective communication, and timely resolution of all issues;
5) An extensive pool of IT resources and experience in different domains allowed us to provide the requested talent within a short time frame. 

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